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Competition Prep Program

Have you ever wanted to step on stage and compete in a fitness competition? Or have you been currently training yourself but don’t know what steps to take to sign up for a competition? Or maybe you have already competed, but you want to take it to the next level and compete at a pro level? Then this is the right program for you. We take anyone from beginners who have never even stepped into a gym to advanced athletes who are just not seeing the results they’re looking for. Our goal is to not only help you fulfill your passion or dream of competing, our goal is to also help you find your true athletic potential.  We will not only give you the right push and motivation but we also achieve to make you stronger and healthier along the way.  We will help you achieve this by educating and guiding you with proper nutrition programs, customized diets and educational training. At XTR-Training we don’t believe in excessive or aggressive exercise and cardio or a depleted unrealistic diet approach.  We do not believe in forcing our athletes to follow unhealthy practices that would cause metabolic damage and muscle loss.  We believe that each individual athlete has a different time frame in which they will be competition ready.  This is all determined by several factors that will be discussed in the initial free assessment.

We strive to have success for all our competitors and clients during and after contest preparation.  Making this experience more of a long term lifestyle and educational process by using researched concepts and scientifically proven practices that promote healthy and long term results. Understand that rapid changes to your body will occur infrequently.  Contest prep is a process in which we are changing your body composition and metabolism for the better.  This process takes time and you will continue to see gradual changes week after week. To achieve these goals you must be committed to the challenges and discipline it takes to be the best.  There is always someone out there who wants it just as bad if not more then you.  Most importantly you must TRUST the process! Your contest prep will consist of macro nutrient ratios, water intake, cardiovascular training, cardio ect.

The contest prep program includes:

  • Customized diet plan
  • Customized training plan
  • Individualized cardio program
  • Supplement plan and guidance
  • On going physique assessment to target strengths and weaknesses
  • Open email/ text communication support
  • Continuous customized training, nutrition, cardio and supplement updates
  • Posing guidance and continuous practicing and video assessments
  • Customized peek week plan
  • Day to day communication during peek week (skype and video conference and check -ins if needed)
  • Per contest check-ins and final hour adjustments