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In more than twenty years in the physical training field, I have used most training systems. Those more physiologically adapted to me include Heavy Duty, High Intensive, High Volume, G.V.T, B.I.I.O., not to mention the basic forms of pyramid set, super set, drop set, rest pauses, matrix, negatives and others. From all of this experience, I have developed a detailed understanding of the principles involved in forcing the body to adapt physically, such as super-compensation, muscular exhaustion and muscular confusion, among others. In combination with a specialised nutritional regimen, I have developed my own training method called “XTR-Training”. Muscular hypertrophy is a natural reaction to the conditions created by resistance training. The effect can be detected by the distension of the trained muscle. Each individual can decide how much muscular distension they want to create by combining all the elements of training to create their preferred level of muscular exhaustion. It is important to remember that the best way to achieve this is to make the muscle fibres, used in contraction, work functionally. The more functional the movement, the better the body works and therefore responds. Technically, this is achieved through a high intensity, resistance training system modified to personal requirements and using every kind of muscular contraction, such as eccentric, concentric, isometric and others. It is by combining the principle of functional movements with every kind of muscular contraction that one achieves the muscle to failure that leads to the super-compensation necessary to stimulate the body to adapt an improve itself. This adaption is the process of regenerating the muscle fibres so that they are restored stronger and with greater performance than before.

Absolutely essential to this regenerative process is rest and nutrition. Since there is no specialised or better method of resting than simply to take the time and rest, my focus has been on systematically developing an effective nutritional regimen. I can assert that nutrition is the area that has given me the most satisfaction and is a subject of great and exhaustive study. I have found that by consuming specific nutrients at the right times, one can reteach the body how to maximise this regenerative stage and gain the desired progress. Understanding how nutrition affects the body in this stage is indispensable to immense progress. Putting all of this knowledge together with the principle of muscular confusion, I have developed my own training system, called XTR-Training. One of the less spoken fundamental principles of muscular adaption is that once the muscles have adapted to a specific kind of training, the rate of adaption, and therefore progress, slows. My XTR-Training system takes advantage of this by also adapting and changing. This is the fundamental principle behind muscular confusion. By changing at just the right rate, the body is forced into a continuous process of adaption and therefore progress, pushing back what is called the plateau - where progress levels out, limiting results. I have often seen people spending many hours training with little results. Without understanding all of these inseparable principles of training (nutrition, muscular exhaustion, super compensation, functional movement and muscular confusion), it will continue to be difficult for those people to make significant progress.


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